Friday, May 27, 2011


This month has been soo "cool and groovy!" (From Toy Story 3) Ben, Olivia and Cohen are in town and I LOVE having them here. We had family pictures taken for the first time since I was 3 months old, (Crazy right??) taken by the wonderful ASHLEY Thalman. You can view a few here. She did a great job:)
Last night we all played Pictionary like the old times and had a great time! I love that game. Ben and Olivia have also taught us "the fun game" (a game like taboo, that they cannot recall the name of) and we've played it at least 3 times since they've been here:)
My very last day of middle school was today. I walked to Maycey's and got ice cream then swam in my friend's pool. In her BACKYARD. I know. Crazy legitness. Then I ate pancakes and root beer for dinner. Yum!
It's been a fun month for me! How has your may been?

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Kenz said...

Love your blog Maya :)